Oilfield And Drilling Equipment Appraisals

If you or a party you require any oilfield or drilling equipment appraisal then be sure to dial us at (972) 235-6287.  You will be in contact with an independent Certified Machinery Equipment Appraiser who has years of experience handling appraisals for construction equipment including:

  • Handling appraisals in most regions of the country
  • “Desktop” equipment appraisals and “summary” equipment appraisals
    • the latter involving an on-site visit
  • Prompt turnaround time
  • An appraisal for any reason whether you want to buy construction equipment, sell construction equipment, have the equipment valued for passing the business onto a family member, need an independent appraisal if you are getting a new business insurance policy or for any number of other reasons
  • Handling equipment appraisals for one business alone valued at over $50 million
  • USPAP-compliant
  • Certified through NEBB Institute

We have experience in appraising machinery and equipment for all kinds of oilfield and drilling businesses across the United States.  Whether your business equipment deals with oil exploration, transport of oil, advanced drilling or other areas in the industry we can help you.

If you need equipment appraisal services for transferring the business to family members, getting your business ready for sale, if you need an independent appraiser because you are looking to purchase oilfield and drilling equipment, or any number of other reasons we can help you.

Please contact us at (972) 235-6287 with your specific needs.  Thank you.