Manufacturing Equipment Appraisals

If you or a party you represent require a certified manufacturing equipment appraisal service then you are welcome to call us at (972) 235-6287.  You will get in contact with an independent Certified Machinery Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) who has years of experience handling manufacturing equipment appraisals including:

  • Handling appraisals in most regions of the country
  • “Desktop” equipment appraisals and “summary” equipment appraisals
    • the latter involving an on-site visit
  • Prompt turnaround time
  • An appraisal for any reason such as whether you want to:
    • purchase manufacturing equipment
    • sell manufacturing equipment
    • have the equipment valued for passing the business onto a family member
    • need a certified independent appraisal if you are getting a new business insurance policy
    • any number of other reasons
  • USPAP-compliant
  • Certified through NEBB Institute

We look forward to helping you with your specific certified equipment appraisal needs.